My Blog

img_20161021_213927.jpgAs you can tell from the title of this blog, I am someone who considers herself awkward.

Actually, it isn’t just me who considers myself awkward – it’s the whole damn world. If there is the slightest moment in any situation for me to be awkward and embarrass myself, I will find it.

So why don’t I just stay quiet and avoid all the awkward situations I put myself into? Well, that would consist of me locking myself in my room and never leaving the house again.

If I didn’t force myself out into the real world everyday you wouldn’t have a blog to read. A blog filled with the awkward fumblings of an introvert who gets nervous when more than one person looks at her and quickly stumbles over her world to finish her thought so they’ll stop looking at her. But then they just continue to stare (mainly in shock or confusion) and she is forced to continue to talk even though her brain is yelling, “OH MY GOD SHUT UP!”

But she doesn’t.

You’re welcome world.